Risk Assessment

Determine where you are today and where you need to go

Are you confident that you’ve optimized your security spending?  It is important to be sure you’re getting value and protection from the cybersecurity products and services you deploy.

The Infogressive security Risk Assessment provides a custom blueprint, based 100% on your organization’s security, and builds a strategy to improve your security posture and reduce risk.

Expert Perspective

Our security engineers are trained to quickly discover & reduce risk

Gain Buy-in

Get leadership & IT on the same page for intelligent spending

Efficient Compliance

Meet necessary requirements for your industry

Infogressive’s options include rapid risk assessment (RRA) and HIPAA risk assessment (HRA).  Interested in getting started?

Top security spending drivers


protection of sensitive data


regulatory compliance


reducing incidents & breaches

Infogressive’s Risk Assessment will identify current gaps, advise on how to properly eliminate them to minimize risk, and design a strategic plan for execution.

What is cybersecurity?

Without industry-specific expertise, how can you get a solid understanding of what cybersecurity really is and what it involves?

Look no further. The Non-Technical Guide to Cybersecurity for Your Organization will cover cybersecurity concepts at a basic level and explain how to apply them to your organization’s security needs.

Blueprint and Strategy Report:


Compare the CIS 20 Critical Controls as a benchmark


Provide a detailed look into your organization’s security environment


Pinpoints areas for safeguards and reforms


Outline options that match your budget


Meet compliance mandates

Our risk assessment process includes five phases


Data Collection

Involves a review of existing information and documentation, including general environment, existing security policies and procedures, and  known vulnerabilities


Enables our team to understand how your organization currently deals with various aspects of information security controls and management


Our team assesses your organization for technical and non-technical vulnerabilities, strengths and opportunities


We compile your data and analyze the results comparing them to standard security requirements, recommended configurations, and security benchmarks


A formal report containing an overview of the risks identified and recommended solutions is delivered at the end of the process

Hear about the value of a risk assessment


When I got that risk assessment report back, it was exactly what I needed. The value of what I received was leaps and bounds beyond what I thought I was going to get.

Katie Koester
Director of Technology

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