Incident Response Service

You’ve experienced a breach… Now what?

When a cyberattack occurs, it’s crucial to act immediately.  After a breach, it is vital to decrease your down time and reduce any direct and indirect costs you will face.  Our Incident Response service is designed to find the root cause of the attack, discover evidence, and remediate the problem thoroughly and efficiently.


Isolate affected systems to prevent further damage


Locate & eliminate the root cause of the incident


Bring systems back online and implement security best practices


of companies are out of business within 6 months of a breach!


of organizations do not get their data back after paying a ransom.

Need help mitigating an attack?  incident response services available now.

How serious is a cyber incident?

Wondering how a cyber incident would impact your organization? It’s more common than you think. That’s why we created this brand new guide: The Comprehensive Guide to Incident Response.

This guide will cover everything you need to know about cyber incidents, their consequences, and the Incident Response (IR) process.

Incident Response Service Overview

A quick and thorough response is key to avoid the loss of money, intellectual property, or worse.  By getting to the root of the attack immediately, you save yourself time, reputation loss, and gain peace of mind.

Our Team:


Has over a decade of incident response experience


Is trained & certified on offensive and defensive security strategies


Stays up to date with latest attacker techniques


Can provide a comprehensive plan to prevent future attacks

incident response service options:


Incident Response Package Options

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