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You protect from physical intruders with door locks, alarm systems, cameras, and insurance. The same layered approach is needed for protecting your network, customer data, reputation, and money from hackers.

But with all of the cybersecurity solutions that are available, how do you know which services are right for your organization? That’s where Infogressive’s managed security bundles come in. Whether you want the basics or need the optimal level of cybersecurity for compliance standards, our bundles serve as your guide to helping you make the right choice for your organization.

24 x 7 SOC

Expert eyes on your network
24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Save Money

Our customers save an average
of 50% on their security spending
over a 3-year period


1 or 2 solutions won’t get the job done to protect your network these days

No matter your industry or organization’s size,
there’s an Infogressive bundle for you.

understanding the bundles

Our managed security bundles are developed around the CIS 20 Critical Controls, universally recognized standards for prioritization, and Infogressive’s secret sauce we’ve been perfecting since 2006.

Choose the right bundle for your organization


Your adversaries are not created equally. Get what you need to protect your organization against a cyberattack.

Script Kiddie

The cybersecurity basics – just what you need to protect against the most basic levels of adversary. Our Script Kiddie bundle was built with the “amateur hacker sitting in their basement” image in mind.

Organized Crime

Organized cybercrime groups have evolved. Today, these groups operate just like any other business, with resources to create sophisticated, and often very successful, targeting attacks on organizations.

Zero Day

Next-level security to protect against the rapidly evolving threat landscape.  Our Zero Day bundle is the perfect solution to provide vital protection from zero-day malware to your network.

Nation State

Everything you need to protect your network from the most sophisticated attacks. Cyber attacks fueled by the power of Nation States have the resources to be successful against organizations like yours.

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