Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Know when an attacker is on your network

How do you stop an attacker in your environment when it’s not malware? Would you know if you had an attacker on a machine in your network? Infogressive helps you confidently answer these questions and defend against even the most advanced attacks.

77% of successful attacks last year utilized fileless attack techniques–something your traditional antivirus solution can’t detect or prevent. That’s why, when prevention fails, we have your back. Our Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) service focuses on collecting and analyzing behavioral data, meaning it doesn’t focus on what the data is, it focuses on the behaviors and motivations behind the data.

Detect the Unknown

Discover known & unknown
elements of an attack

Prevention Fails

Even the best security can’t provide 100% prevention

Know What Happened

Comprehensive attack timeline helps reduce investigation time

Protect your data and have greater visibility into advanced threats⏤all in a cost-effective manner.


of successful attacks utilized fileless techniques

Endpoint Detection & Response Overview

EDR serves as a tripwire to alert and provide our 24×7 SOC with extensive information to find and detect the bad guy. Plus EDR stops attackers in their tracks before damage is done or data is exfiltrated.

You’re Protected Against:

(crimeware, ransomware, etc.)



Misuse of
legitimate applications


Suspicious user
activity and behavior

How It Works


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