Web Application Scanning

Web applications are a target.
What are you doing to secure them?

Infogressive’s Web Application Scanning finds and catalogs all web applications on your network that you’ve developed or maintain, and finds their vulnerabilities before someone else does.

Since web apps can be added to your network by anyone, large organizations can have hundreds, even thousands of apps. Many of these apps expose your network to risk due to vulnerabilities frequently exploited by attackers.

Our Web Application service scans each app, identifying and reporting infections, including zero-day threats, and provides detailed reports. They are then cataloged and the data is delivered in reports that can be customized for your organization. Our expert engineers can then help you prioritize the vulnerabilities discovered, so you know where to focus your energy.

Broad Discovery

Catalog all web apps, both new & unknown

Deep Scanning

Instant visibility of both common & critical vulnerabilities

Malware Detection

Identify & report infected
code for remediation

web application attacks take place on average each day


of today's web applications have access to sensitive info

we know that you know you need cybersecurity. start with the basics.

Chances are, you already know that you need cybersecurity in your IT strategy. But how do you get started? Or how do you know if your strategy is effective? Well that’s where this guide comes in. We’ll cover the basics of cybersecurity strategy and four core components to keep in mind for your organization’s foundational security posture.  

Cybersecurity Basics

Complete, accurate, and scalable security

Visualize & document your web app security with actionable data from custom-built reports, tailored to your organization.


Clarity &


Threat Coverage


Hundreds or thousands of web apps can find their way onto your network from a variety of sources, leaving you open to risk. Web Application Scanning gives you visibility and control by finding and categorizing official and unofficial apps throughout your network.

After the continuous, comprehensive scanning, organize the approved and unapproved web apps with your own labels. Filter the data and reports with customizable asset tagging.


Vulnerable web applications leave your network open to hackers by giving them a convenient entry point into your environment. These web apps can expose proprietary business and network data.

Infogressive’s Web Application Scanning performs scans more efficiently, with less idle time and greater coverage, securing everything from large web apps to large numbers of apps.

Centralized reporting results

All the data is consolidated to provide a complete view of your web app security posture so that you can focus on protecting against the most critical flaws.

We can tailor the reports to different audiences so that your results can move from data to insights to action. A central dashboard displays scan results and warns of infected pages so you can fight back.

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