Vulnerability Scanning

Find the vulnerabilities in your network…before someone else does

Chances are good that someone will find the weak spots on your network. The question is who will find them first, you or the bad guys? With Vulnerability Scanning from Infogressive, you don’t have to wonder. We identify the vulnerabilities on your internal and external networks before they do to ensure that your network stays secure.

Our Vulnerability Scanning Service accurately and efficiently scans for vulnerabilities everywhere to help you validate the effectiveness of your patch and configuration management, but we don’t stop there. Our team of expert engineers will also provide context for each vulnerability discovered and help you prioritize the vulnerabilities you need to remediate.

While vulnerability scanning is a must-have for every company, it’s especially important for companies needing to satisfy compliance programs such as HIPAA and PCI.

Comprehensive Visibility

Discover forgotten devices
& organize assets

Constant Monitoring

Find vulnerabilities
efficiently & accurately

Customized Reporting

Track & analyze your
network scan results

new vulnerabilities are discovered every month


of those discovered are rated High or Critical risk

what happens when an organization is hit with ransomware… twice?

How important is it to identify and remediate open vulnerabilities? Let’s take a look at one of our MSP Partner’s clients: a medical clinic providing life-saving surgeries.

When an organization of that nature gets hit with ransomware not once, but two times, it becomes clear to everyone involved that it’s time to start taking cybersecurity seriously. 

Incident Response Case Study

Discover and organize forgotten devices

Network Scanning helps you quickly determine what’s running in the different parts of your network—from your perimeter and corporate network to virtualized machines and cloud services. This allows you to uncover hidden access points, servers or other vulnerable devices that might be exploited by attackers.

Identify and Prioritize Risks

When your network scanning is backed by a trained team of engineers like ours, you get the information you need to put your scans into action. We help our clients put context to the vulnerabilities we discover in the environment and provide details about how they were discovered. Then, with a thorough understanding of your business and the risks associated with the vulnerabilities found, we help you to prioritize your remediation efforts.

Customize reporting based on your organization’s needs

Track vulnerabilities over time, giving you deeper insight into your network through customized reports. Our customized reporting is designed to give you the information your organization needs most. It gives you the flexibility to focus on the data that matters to you and allows you to share it with the recipients who need it.

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