patch management


Patch Management

stay ahead of attacks with quick, reliable vulnerability patching

When it comes to Vulnerability Management, we ask, “Who will find your network vulnerabilities first, you or the bad guys?” Of course, if you have a solution in place to consistently scan and identify those vulnerabilities, the answer is you… but what next? The next step after discovering vulnerabilities, in many cases, involves patching.

Security patches no longer have to be tedious or a hassle — with Patch Management, they can be automatic.

Fully Compatible

Patch any software on Windows,
Mac, and Linux

Minimal Impact

Download & install patches
without alerting users

Expert Management

Security experts monitor & 
manage software updates

Want to know more about our new Patch Management service? Get in touch with a security expert:

What is cybersecurity?

Without industry-specific expertise, how can you get a solid understanding of what cybersecurity really is and what it involves?

Look no further. The Non-Technical Guide to Cybersecurity for Your Organization will cover cybersecurity concepts at a basic level and explain how to apply them to your organization’s security needs.

automated patching

automated patching managed by experts

Apply security patches as they are released or define a unique patching schedule to fit your needs. Your team of Infogressive Security Engineers will take care of the rest. Secure vulnerabilities in your operating systems, common business applications, and even 3rd-party software or custom configurations.

reduce attack surface

reduce attack surface

Known vulnerabilities are an open door for cyberattacks — and attackers use that to their advantage. Regular, timely security patching is key to keeping your attack surface small and eliminating many of the easy ways into your network.

decrease time to remediate

Experts recommend that organizations apply zero-day security patches within 24 hours and all other critical security patches within 72 hours. Patch Management not only makes those timelines possible — it
makes them easy.

secure remote workforces

Patch remote endpoints with ease — anywhere. Whether you have team members who work from home or on the go, Patch Management allows you to seamlessly deliver security updates without relying on physical, on-premises solutions or the speed of your corporate VPN.

Low impact - high reward

low impact, high reward

Patch Management capabilities are delivered to your endpoints via a single lightweight agent, updates are unobtrusive, and required restarts can be scheduled to reduce disruption. Your users will be more secure than ever… and they won’t even notice.

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