Protect your data anywhere, automatically

Each year, millions of laptop computers are misplaced, stolen, or lost; many of them containing important and sensitive data. Full disk encryption is the essential first line of defense to protect your data in any of these events.

Data protection with encryption protects data on a wide range of devices – both PCs & Macs, anywhere in the world.


Encrypt Mac or Windows
we play nice with your devices

Business as Usual

Zero impact to
end-user productivity

Quick Deployment

A few simple steps,
just set up & go

Intelligently protect your data against
theft and accidental loss in real-time


of lost and stolen laptops result in a data breach

Encryption Overview

Full disk encryption is an important step in protecting your data. Your organization is at risk when devices are not in your user’s possession and login credentials alone are not enough to protect your sensitive information.

Included Benefits:

Secure key-recovery
Real-time protection
Comprehensive reporting
& compliance
Windows & Mac supported


Infogressive’s Device Encryption manages Windows BitLocker and macOS FileVault native device encryption. There is no server to deploy and no need to configure backend key servers.

We’ll deploy and start securing data in minutes with a simple, cloud-based installation agent. Plus, we can easily secure data on remote laptops.


Maintain compliance and protect your data without disrupting users in the event of a lost device or forgotten password.  Improve protection for remote devices with our user-centric solution that makes it easy to enable device encryption and protect multiple devices from anywhere.


As a part of compliance requirements, you will likely need to be able to verify which computers in your organization are encrypted.

In the case of lost or stolen laptops, you’ll also need to provide proof that these missing devices are encrypted. Infogressive helps you comply with data protection regulations with detailed reports and audits.

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