Endpoint Security

Protection that follows you anywhere

A single employee’s security risk can greatly impact your entire network. One bad email, one malicious download, or one lost laptop could easily lead to the end of your organization. That’s why security at the user-level must be your first line of defense.

With Infogressive’s Endpoint Security, you get malware prevention plus full-disk encryption managed by our 24×7 SOC team to keep your end-users safe. Our solution comes with effortless deployment and management, real-time protection, and comprehensive reporting.

Endpoint Security Services

Malware Prevention

99% effectiveness


Keep your data safe & secure
on lost or stolen devices

Malware Prevention

99.9% Effectiveness

Identifies and stops attacks
before they even start

Small Footprint

Low CPU and memory usage for
smooth business operations

Security Expertise

Our 24×7 SOC team
manages true hits

With unmatched effectiveness, minimal system impact, and zero-day prevention, Infogressive’s malware prevention service is revolutionizing the way endpoints are protected from advanced threats.



Encrypt Mac or Windows
we play nice with all devices

Business as Usual

Zero impact to
end-user productivity

Quick Deployment

Seamless over-the-air

Intelligently protect your data against theft and accidental data loss in real-time.

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