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Email is not only the primary productivity tool for today’s organizations, but it’s also a successful attack vector for cyber criminals. Year after year, over 90% of malware continues to be delivered via malicious emails. Are you aware of the gaps in your organization’s email security architecture?

Infogressive’s Secure Email Platform utilizes the latest technologies and security services to deliver trusted protection from both common and advanced email threats, all while integrating robust data protection capabilities to protect your organization’s communications. 

Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Keep unwanted & malicious
emails out of your inbox

Threat Defense

Real-time detection backed by a
global threat intelligence database

Advanced Performance

Add security without impacting
speed or performance


spam detection rate with advanced threat prevention and performance

Email Security Overview

Over 90% of today’s breaches start with an email. Protecting your organization is becoming more complicated than ever, but you don’t have to leave your email security to chance. With Infogressive’s Secure Email platform, you can easily increase the detection and block rates of unwanted emails entering your network and minimize your overall risk.  Plus, seamlessly integrate with other security features like Email Sandboxing to maximize email security protection.

we know that you know you need cybersecurity. start with the basics.

Chances are, you already know that you need cybersecurity in your IT strategy. But how do you get started? Or how do you know if your strategy is effective? Well that’s where this guide comes in. We’ll cover the basics of cybersecurity strategy and four core components to keep in mind for your organization’s foundational security posture. 

Cybersecurity Basics

we offer two EMAIL SECURITY service options,

both utilizing our secure email platform


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