Email Sandboxing

Detonate threats in a contained environment to keep your users safe

With the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks, it takes only one threat to slip through security for a data breach to occur. Security professionals have adopted sandboxing as an essential component of security strategies to help combat previously unknown threats.

Today’s threats are increasingly sophisticated and often bypass traditional malware security by masking their malicious activity. A sandbox augments your security architecture by validating threats in a separate, secure environment. Email Sandboxing offers a powerful combination of advanced detection, automated mitigation, actionable insight, and flexible deployment to stop targeted attacks and subsequent data loss.

Unique Multi-Layered Sandbox

Detecting the majority of
threats within one minute

Examine Activity

Executes and analyzes
intended activity

Rich Threat Intelligence

Uncover information related to the full threat lifecycle to speed remediation

spam emails are intercepted by our email security network every minute.

Email Sandboxing Overview

A sandbox observes an object’s behavior in a simulated environment before it impacts your organization.  We configure our sandbox for actionable intelligence that automates prevention, detection, and mitigation of unknown threats across a broad set of attack vectors. This enables us to block and safely investigate suspicious items before they affect your organization.

we know that you know you need cybersecurity. start with the basics.

Chances are, you already know that you need cybersecurity in your IT strategy. But how do you get started? Or how do you know if your strategy is effective? Well that’s where this guide comes in. We’ll cover the basics of cybersecurity strategy and four core components to keep in mind for your organization’s foundational security posture. 

Cybersecurity Basics

Email has become mission-critical


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