Email Security

Email security

Prevent your email system from becoming a threat-delivery system

Email is the quickest and easiest way for a hacker to attack your organization. Infogressive’s email security platform secures your organization’s internal and external communications using a combination of anti-virus, anti-spam, sandboxing, and email encryption to detect malicious or unwanted content and keep it out of your end-users’ inboxes.

We also provide phishing testing and training services to help your users identify and avoid phishing emails if they make it through the other lines of defense. In a world where your organization relies on email communications, let us keep your inbox safe.


Our team monitors, investigates, & responds to advanced threats while leveraging industry best-practices for detection & response.

Email Security Services

Email security

Phishing & Security Awareness

Comprehensive testing & training
Conquering human error

Email security

Email Sandboxing

Detonate threats in a contained
environment to keep your users safe

Phishing & Security Awareness

Email security


Simulated attacks
establish a baseline


Continuous security training
& simulated attacks

See Results

Track performance
& see improvements

More than half of successful cyber attacks are due to human error. Organizations see a significant decrease in risk after implementing a security training program.

Email Sandboxing

Email security

Unique Multi-Layered Sandbox

Detecting the majority of threats within one minute

Examine Activity

Executes and analyzes intended activity

Rich Threat Intelligence

Uncover information related to the full threat lifecycle to speed remediation

Thousands of malicious emails are intercepted by our email security network every minute. With Email Sandboxing, threats are detonated in a contained environment to keep your users safe.

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