Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity Solved.

Cybersecurity can be a significant burden on your organization – but it doesn’t have to be. Our suite of Managed Security Services are designed to keep your network secure as well as your budget in-check.

In today’s threat landscape, small to midsize organizations are targeted just as much as enterprises but lack the resources to protect their data properly. Our full lineup of Managed Security Services protect, detect and respond to cyber threats for organizations of every size at a predictable monthly cost.

Why Infogressive?

Cybersecurity is not just one thing we do – it’s all we do.  We’ve been perfecting the craft of cybersecurity since 2006, as a matter of fact our cybersecurity effectiveness is proven by our record of zero breaches resulting in data loss.

Our lineup of services allows you to leverage the best technology available, while receiving expert configuration and support.  Furthermore, our team of highly-trained and certified security experts monitor and analyze threats 24/7 at our US based security operation centers (SOC).


Managed Security Services

perimeter security service

Perimeter Security

Gain a whole new level of visibility
into your network

email security service

Email Security

Prevent your email system from becoming a threat-delivery system

vulnerability management service

Vulnerability Management

Move your team from
reactive to proactive

Endpoint Security Service

Endpoint Security

Protection that follows
you anywhere

Managed detection and response service

Managed Detection & Response

Combining people & technology
to find attackers

Professional Services

Professional Services

Expert security engineers finding & fixing the holes in your network

Is an MSSP right for your organization?

Finding qualified people to fill cybersecurity positions for your organization is getting harder and harder. As the challenge to hire an in-house cybersecurity team continues to grow, so does the threat of a cyberattack. MSSPs: The Ultimate Guide to Making the Right Choice will help you determine what your options are. 

MSSPs: The Ultimate Guide to Making the Right Choice

Build, Buy or outsource cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are in the news almost daily, reinforcing the need for every organization, no matter the size, to have cybersecurity solutions in place. There are really only three options – Build, Buy or outsource.

Building your own in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) takes time and resources. Once you’ve researched and found the right technology, you then need to correctly configure and maintain it, plus hire and train a team of security staff.  Did we mention there’s a 0% unemployment rate for cybersecurity professionals?

Buying SOC as a service is your second option. Unless you have millions of dollars at your disposal, your third option is to outsource with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).  As an MSSP, we’re completely focused on keeping your network secure. We’ve vetted the best technology to effectively cover every cybersecurity layer needed to protect, detect and respond to cyber threats.  Furthermore, our highly trained and certified security experts are here to be an extension of your team with 24/7 support, monitoring and analysis.

Want to know what outsourcing your security is like?

What is cybersecurity?

Without industry-specific expertise, how can you get a solid understanding of what cybersecurity really is and what it involves?

Look no further. The Non-Technical Guide to Cybersecurity for Your Organization will cover cybersecurity concepts at a basic level and explain how to apply them to your organization’s security needs.

The Non-Technical Guide to Cybersecurity

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