Boundary defense and access control are critical aspects of any security posture. Utilizing firewalls at every segment of your network should be a priority, not just at the perimeter of your organization. Both inbound and outbound policies are necessary as a foundation to secure your information systems. With modern threats, it is not enough to only block external access and allow everything internally.

Today’s feature rich firewalls add advanced services such as, anti-virus, VPN, intrusion detection/prevention, and content filtering to aid in securing these boundaries. Often manufacturer’s market these multipurpose appliances as Unified Threat Management or Next Generation Firewalls. At Infogressive, we’re less concerned with what the box is called and more focused on what risks they mitigate.

Infogressive offers several of the market leading firewall solutions. We also provide comprehensive firewall services, implementation, and audit to help organizations get the most out of existing or new boundary defenses.

Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

Web application firewalls are purpose built appliances designed to protect, balance, and accelerate your web applications, databases, and any information exchanged between them. Automated protection and layered security protects web applications from sophisticated attacks such as SQL Injection, cross site scripting, buffer overflows, file inclusion, denial of service, cookie poisoning, schema poisoning, and countless other attacks.