Event Correlation

Event Correlation (SIEM)

Do you suffer from information overload?

Infogressive believes that the security of your infrastructure should never be completely handed over to products which automate every task. Human review of logs, reports, and policies are extremely important for identifying patterns and anomalies for which software is not programmed specifically to detect. However, trying to manually review the deluge of logs and alerts generated by technology today would be an impossible task for even Superman. Some automation is a necessity for even small organizations in order to manage the volume. Log Management and Event Correlation can provide a significant advantage to your team.

Event Correlation is a technology which provides cross-platform log collection. Logs are collected from various types of systems including Windows systems, Linux systems, firewalls, routers, switches and applications. The logs from these various systems are then normalized for effective reporting and analysis. Beyond reporting and basic analysis rules and algorithms (often predefined by the vendor) can be implemented to correlate events across multiple heterogeneous systems to trigger alerts for numerous types of events. These events could include anything from security incidents to network degradation or system failures.

The data collected and correlated by an event correlation system can significantly improve the troubleshooting capabilities of an organization, enhance forensic investigations or may lead to mitigating the spread of a security breach.

Infogressive can assist your organization in identifying and implementing a Log Management/Event Correlation (SIEM) solution that fits the needs of your organization. These systems are never turn-key solutions; therefore, identifying a solution that meets your needs while adding the least possible operational overhead are key factors in selecting an event correlation system.