Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention Systems

Would you know if people within your organization were purposely or accidentally sending sensitive information out of your network? Would you know if hackers were downloading your most secret or valuable data? These are the problems Data Loss Prevention technologies attempt to solve.

Today most information is digitized, this makes it more accessible for authorized people to use it, but it also makes it more difficult to protect or control access to it. Depending on what business you’re in, the information you’re trying to protect may be different, but the concept is the same for everyone. Protect data and be alerted if it is leaving boundaries it shouldn’t, regardless of cause or source.

The financial and reputational risk of losing sensitive data combined with the regulatory and compliance pressures make Data Loss Prevention technology an important component of Infogressive’s Defense in Depth strategy.

Infogressive can deploy Data Loss Prevention technology and monitoring solutions to protect your organization’s sensitive information before it leaves your network!