Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

The basic goal of penetration testing is to simulate what real world attackers would do if your organization became a target.  It is important to remember that an attacker doesn’t play within any rules, laws, or time constraints.  They aren’t worried about taking systems or applications down.  They don’t care about finding every vulnerability present in your environment; they only want one that gives them the access they need to get what they’re after.

Penetration testing validates your vulnerability management processes and identifies areas of weakness in your security posture. This allows you to prioritize your remediation efforts and justify your existing or future security investments. Penetration testing also illustrates due diligence for regulatory compliance mandates such as, GLBA, HIPAA, PCI, and FISMA so you are not subject to significant fines.

Infogressive has spent years of time and effort fine tuning our penetration testing methods.  We follow a proven, repeatable framework that we’ve adopted based on a number of standards and training.  Just a few examples of these sources include SANS, Offensive Security, PTES, and NIST.

We are dedicated to making sure our penetration testers have a solid understanding of both offensive and defensive information security concepts.  We believe this approach provides a greater value to our clients because while we are very good at finding and exploiting vulnerabilities, we are equally effectively at helping clients mitigate or resolve their security weaknesses.