Managed Security Services

Managed Security Services (MSSP)

Most organizations fit into two categories as it relates to information security:

  • Can’t afford to hire their own full-time information security expert
  • Can’t make their own information security team work 80 hours per week to meet the constantly changing demands of security and compliance

Regardless of which category you fall into, our team of certified information security experts can help. For some of our clients we are their entire IT and security team, for others we act as only oversight and supplement their internal staff. We’ve built our managed security practice to be flexible, not “cookie cutter.”

Our goal in developing our managed security offering wasn’t to do more log aggregation similar to most of what we see in the marketplace. We don’t see the value in having more computers analyzing more logs and calling it managed security services, we call that log aggregation and it should be cheap. When we say managed security services, we mean our trained humans will be proactively managing, configuring, and reviewing your technology along with their output.

We prefer to educate our clients throughout our relationship, helping them understand what we do and how we do it. Attacks on computer systems are quickly becoming more sophisticated and attempt to stay one or two steps in front of defensive technologies. It is our philosophy that trained and knowledgeable people help close the gap that will always exist between technology and attacks. Attacks and compromise will occur, our goal is to reduce how often and how much damage they cause when they do. By utilizing our managed security services, our entire team of security experts becomes yours.