CEO Justin Kallhoff Responds to Recent Triple Network Outages



By now you’ve probably heard or read about the triple network outages that happened at the New York Stock Exchange, United Airlines, and the Wall Street Journal’s website. Officials from the organizations themselves along with the FBI have been quick to say that these issues were not a result of a cyber attack. While that could potentially be the case, many people including our CEO, Justin Kallhoff, are hesitant to write yesterday’s simultaneous network failures off as just a coincidence. When asked about the incidents, he said:

“The chances of significant computer incidents occurring on the same day at two critical infrastructure organizations [NYSE & United Airlines] and a well-known media outlet [Wall Street Journal] are pretty slim.  If I had to guess, I would certainly think there was some sort of foul play involved.  Whether that foul play involved a cyber component, a nation state, or a terrorist group is likely going to be nothing but conspiracy theories for a while.  Even if one or more of those are the cause, it’s likely to not be released to the public until the FBI and or secret service investigates. With that said, this type of impact is likely to become more common place in the future.  Most organizations we work with aren’t prepared for sophisticated attacks, let alone rudimentary tactics.  Sooner or later a cyberattack is going to create a large loss of life and/or significant impact on critical infrastructure, only then will the world start to realize the danger of today’s Internet”

Let these network failures act as a reminder that every business, no matter how small, needs to stay vigilant when it comes to their cybersecurity. These types of attacks are consistently becoming more frequent and sophisticated, and are impossible to defend without the right solutions in place. At Infogressive, we’re always working to make sure our clients don’t end up as a headline for the wrong reasons.

Infogressive CEO Justin Kallhoff Appears in Sophos Acquisition News Story

Infogressive Partner Sophos this week will acquire SMB email security and archiving powerhouse Reflexion Networks. The CRN reporter working on the story, Sarah Kuranda called Infogressive CEO Justin Kallhoff for comment on the acquisition. The full story including Justin’s comments is located here:

Sophos To Acquire Email Security Player Reflexion Networks

Re-Direct To SMB – Infogressive Partner, Cylance, Discovers New(Old) Windows Vulnerability

Members of Cylance’s SPEAR team have discovered a vulnerability in Windows and over 30 well known software vendors’ products, (Adobe, Apple, Oracle, and Symantec to name a few), in what is being called the “Re-Direct To SMB” vulnerability. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to remotely siphon the encrypted log on credentials for a Windows PC user.  Reports are stating that even the yet-to-be released Windows 10 is susceptible all due to an extension of a bug in the SMB protocol that has existed in Windows since 1997.  For more information, including Cylance lead researcher Brian Wallace’s White Paper, check the links below.

SPEAR – Redirect to SMB

White Paper



CBS 60 Minutes Features Infogressive Partners, FireEye and Cylance

Kevin Mandia of FireEye and Jon Miller of Cylance were both featured on 60 minutes giving their opinions on the Sony hack and giving insight into their involvement with containing the breach.

Follow the link, watch the story, and then let us know how we can prevent your company from becoming the next headline.


The Attack on Sony

Qualys Vulnerability Management for Dummies

Anyone associated with Infogressive knows that we live by the SANS 20 Critical Controls as the staple for any organization’s security. Control number 4 is Vulnerability Management and Remediation. We very much believe that a solid Vulnerability Management program is crucial to securing your environment, regardless of the size of your organization.

Our partners at Qualys have put together this awesomely simple, yet helpful guide to get you started. Let us know how we can help get you the rest of the way.


FREAK On a Leash – Another SSL Vulnerability


Many companies are still recovering from the SSL Heartbleed bug released back in April 2014. Now, administrators everywhere can add another SSL vulnerability to their patch list. Factoring Attack on RSA-EXPORT Keys (FREAK) is an SSL/TLS vulnerability that affects OpenSSL versions 1.01k and earlier, Apple’s SecureTransport, and Windows Schannel TLS library. The vulnerability forces the use of a weaker cipher suite that can be cracked within a few hours.

The FREAK vulnerability is a product of old US government restrictions that restricted the exportation of strong encryption to foreign markets. This policy allowed intelligence agencies to continue surveillance of overseas entities. Support for the weak algorithm continues to exist in many products. Patches are available from many venders to address this vulnerability including Microsoft’s patch release of MS15-031, MS15-018 (Internet Explorer), and MS15-022 (Office).

FREAK, among other vulnerabilities, illustrates the importance of effective patch and vulnerability management. Products such as Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM), WSUS, and many others can assist administrators in deploying updates in a timely manner. Qualys Vulnerability Management can be used in conjunction with these products to identify any vulnerable devices on the network. QID’s 123362, 91025, and 42442 have recently been released by Qualys to identify FREAK in Apple, Microsoft, and general remote services.

When it comes to vulnerabilities, Infogressive recommends the wash, rinse, repeat method. Run a vulnerability scan to identify any potential threats to your network. Next, apply patches and any other fixes that the scans recommend. After remediation, launch another vulnerability scan to verify those vulnerabilities no longer exist. Repeat this weekly to maintain the security of the network.

New threats emerge every day. They constantly evolve and become more sophisticated. Identifying vulnerabilities before the adversaries do is paramount to an organization’s credibility, security, and success. While the FREAK may not have bit you this time, it’s only a matter of time before something else tries. Always be proactive, never reactive.

Infogressive’s New Datasheets Are Here!


SANS 20 Critical Controls Poster


We are excited and proud to appear three times on the latest SANS 20 Critical Controls poster! “It’s a great initiative that we believe in very strongly. We believe that if all of our customers strive toward to these 20 controls, their security posture will be greatly improved, said Infogressive CEO Justin Kallhoff.”

Download the Latest Poster Here:
SANS Fall 2014 20 Critical Controls Poster

Cylance Video – The Future of Malware Defense

Watch Cylance in action and you’ll understand why we’re so excited about our new partnership!

Infogressive experiences 106.9% growth in 2014!

Infogressive grew a record 106.9% in 2014 vs. 2013. We want to extend a sincere THANK YOU to our clients, partners, and friends for their support and trust!

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