Does your organization develop applications internally or use 3rd parties to develop custom applications? If so, your organization could be at risk due to vulnerabilities introduced through coding errors.  These vulnerabilities could lead to security breaches leading to a loss of data, fines or other financial loss, reputation loss or all of the above.

Veracode can provide automatic static and dynamic application security testing software and remediation services. Veracode scans binary code to produce a prioritized report of security flaws in your applications.  Infogressive and Veracode can then work with your developers to fix the flaws using the Veracode UI (or your existing IDE) in accordance with your risk management policies.

When developing applications for use by your organization, you need a way to verify that these applications and updates to them do not introduce risk into your environment. The source code should be analyzed to verify that secure coding practices were used throughout the development process. Source code analysis solutions can be used as an automated method of scanning and analyzing custom code for security issues.

Using a Veracode solution from Infogressive can provide an advanced method of performing source code analysis which provides detailed and actionable reports. You will have a nearly immediate view of the programming flaws in your code rated by criticality and difficulty of remediation. This data as well as detailed remediation information allows you to prioritize your development efforts for creating applications which are secure.