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Against Cyber Attacks

FireEye protects your most valuable assets from those who have them in their sights. With FireEye, you’ll detect attacks as they happen. You’ll understand the risk. And you’ll have the tools and support to quickly contain and resolve incidents.

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Adaptive Defense

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Adaptive Defense

The FireEye portfolio is comprised of:

  • Next-Generation Endpoint Security: A critical step toward dealing with cyber threats
  • Network Threat Prevention Platform series: identifies and blocks attacks delivered via the Web
  • Network Forensics Platform: Accelerates actionable intelligence and facilitates rapid incidence response
  • EX series: protects against attacks delivered via emails such as malicious attachments
  • FX series: detects and blocks malware discovered in content which can be obtained via the Web, email, or out-of-band methods
  • HX Series: Improves the approach and reduces the time to remediate a security incident
  • AX series: provides hands-on analysis and investigation of advanced cyber attacks
  • Email Threat Prevention: Secures against today’s advanced email attacks
  • Mobile Threat Prevention: Identifies and stops mobile threats
  • Threat Analytics Platform: Enables security teams to identify and effectively respond to cyber threats
  • CM series: centralizes the management of all FireEye platforms to help aggregate and correlate events and identify blended attacks
  • Managed Defense: Brings together all of the expertise, intelligence, and technology required to monitor threats.
  • Endpoint Forensics: A solution that rapidly sweeps thousands of endpoints at a time
  • Investigation Analysis System- Accelerates incident response and investigations
  • FireEye as a Service- Technology, Expertise, and Intelligence at your service 24x7
  • FireEye Threat Intelligence- Intelligence and context to help identify, block, and respond to attacks

Each FireEye platform features the patented Multi-Vector Virtual Execution™ (MVX) engine and can connect directly, or via a FireEye CM platform, into the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud, which offers global threat intelligence sharing to stop advanced persistent threats and zero-day attacks.

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