Banking Information Security

Banking Information Security

Infogressive offers a wide range of services and solutions that are specific to the needs of financial institutions and the regulatory guidelines they must adhere to. Just a few examples of Infogressive services and solutuions that apply directly to banking information security:

Our clients include institutions ranging from one branch to large multi-billion dollar banks.

We have tailored our service offerings so that we can assist and deliver value to the smallest or the largest financial institutions in the world. We also work closely with some of the core bank software providers to make sure we understand what the future might bring and how they might help our banking clients manage IT risk.

One thing that we’ve learned through experience is that banks are frugal with their IT spending. Unfortunately financial institutions have a large bull’s-eye painted on their back and are pretty much constantly under attack. Infogressive helps banks develop a balance between spending and risk by effectively prioritizing and communicating which technologies should be employed and where trained humans should focus their attention.