hipaa hitech compliance


HIPAA HITECH compliance is required by law for most organizations in the healthcare industry.  Achieving HIPAA compliance can be difficult and expensive.  Understanding what the requirements actually mean and how they apply to your organization is the first challenge.  Identifying the technological changes that must occur in order to achieve compliance can be downright daunting. HIPAA violations carry a maximum penalty of $1.5 million dollars according to the HITECH Act Enforcement Interim Final Rule.

Infogressive’s team of security experts, working in combination with our regulatory compliance personnel can assist you in achieving HIPAA compliance.  Infogressive’s compliance experts can help you sort through the ambiguity of the HIPAA IT regulations and develop a plan for achieving HIPAA compliance.  Once you have a plan in hand, Infogressive’s technology and security experts assist you with implementing the plan effectively.

Infogressive’s methodology involves the following key elements:

  • A review of the current policies and technologies in place
  • A gap analysis to identify where your compliance efforts need to be focused
  • Development of a strategic plan for imposing the IT and policy changes necessary for achieving compliance.
  • With IT and security talent on staff, Infogressive can ease the burden of implementing the technology solutions outlined in the strategic plan.

Our team follows HHS’s General Guidance on Risk Analysis found HERE. A high-level overview is as follows:

  • Scope of the Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Identify and Document Potential Threats and Vulnerabilities
  • Assess Current Security Measures
  • Determine the Likelihood of Threat Occurrence
  • Determine the Potential Impact of Threat Occurrence
  • Determine the Level of Risk
  • Finalize Documentation
  • Periodic Review and Updates to the Risk Assessment

Infogressive offers a number of services and solutions that help you become and remain HIPAA compliant, a few of those include:

HHS Official HIPAA Site